VPN Network Setup

Service Description:
Are you required to send your employees to work from home? We can set up a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for your employees to access the office network from their home. You will need a firewall or Router with VPN capabilities physically set up for us to set up a VPN tunnel. We can walk you through the setup of the firewall or Router so we can complete the service. Once the VPN tunnel is set up, we would set each client to the VPN Network for an additional charge per client.

“I have to send employees to work from home, how can they have access to the server located at the office?”

Our Process:
Once the firewall or Router is physically set up, we can build the VPN tunnel and set up each client individually to access the VPN connection.

Requirements for service:
Firewall setup Or Router that has VPN capabilities setup Firewall Credentials Public IP Individual client VPN setup

Ideal for:

Not Ideal for: